Chinese Tourist Injured in Jomtien Beach Bag Snatch

Sunset on Jomtien beachA 26-year-old Chinese tourist was slightly injured in the small hours of Wednesday morning when he had his bag snatched by a group of Thai men on two motorbikes on Jomtien beach. As he tried to hang on to his bag he was reportedly dragged along the road and suffered minor injuries to his chin.
Mr. Xi told police through an interpreter that he and three female Chinese friends had spent the night “sitting and drinking on the beach” and were walking back to their unnamed hotel on Soi 19 off Jomtien Beach Road when a gang of Thai youths approached them on two motorcycles.
Pattaya One reports that one of the passengers

leant over and grabbed Mr. Xi’s bag which contained 10,000 Chinese Yuan, an IPhone 5, an IPhone 6, and his and his friends’ passports. The total combined value of the stolen items, excluding the passports, was estimated at 90,000 Baht.

Mr. Xi attempted to prevent the theft from taking place but was quickly overpowered by the suspects who then fled on their bikes, in the direction of Jomtien Second Road.

Before sending the four young Chinese tourists – sans passports, IPhones and cash – back to their unnamed hotel at the dark southern end of Jomtien, police obviously promised an all-out effort to catch the gang of bag snatchers and recover the stolen items.
But let’s face it, even if CCTV in the area worked (which is questionable) and Sherlock Holmes in person was tasked with solving the case, this seems an almost impossible job. What remains is another ruined holiday – and more bad publicity for Pattaya.

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