Chinese Tourist Drowns off Koh Larn Island – Again

Koh Larn island off PattayaExcuse our sarcasm (we know the Chinese aren’t particularly good at swimming), but looking at the figures from last year only, we may soon have to add an extra category for Chinese tourists who have drowned off either Pattaya beach or Koh Larn island. In fact, the figures for drowned Chinese visitors aren’t just alarming but constantly rising it seems.
Pattaya One now reports that the most recent Chinese victim was 59-year-old Jiao Kaimin who had gone on an organized day trip to Koh Larn island with an “Air Asia-organized tour group” Tuesday afternoon.
After the Chinese man had allegedly gone swimming on his own and disappeared from his group of friends for a while, it was only his Thai tour guide who suddenly noticed that his “ward” was “nowhere to be seen” in the shallow waters off Koh Larn.
A “frantic search” of about 10 minutes eventually led to the discovery of the Chinese man’s body in the shallow waters off the island. Pending the results of an autopsy, the drowning was recorded by Pattaya police as “death by misadventure” (which, in this case, is most likely the correct conclusion).

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