Chinese “Quality Tourists” Biggest Spenders in Thailand?

Female Asian tourists on Koh ChangBelieve it or not. According to the Thai tourism minister, China has not only become the top tourism source country for the kingdom. Chinese tourists, or so they say, also spend more money in Thailand – per person and per day – than visitors from other countries.

A total of 2.69 million Chinese tourists have visited Thailand in the first four months of 2015, accounting for more than 25% of arrivals and prompting the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to raise its full-year forecast for Chinese arrivals from 5.4 million to six million.
But that’s no surprise and no wishful thinking. For the Chinese, Thailand is the equivalent to what Spain is for the Brits and Germans, and the Chinese “invasion” has only just started.
The real surprise is that Chinese tourists, according to the Thai tourism minister, have now also “elevated their status to quality tourists with the highest average daily spending in Thailand in the first quarter of this year”. quotes the tourism minister as saying that

each Chinese tourist averagely spent 6,346 Baht per day during [their] stay in Thailand.

From January to April, [Chinese tourists] generated income of 122.71 billion Baht for Thailand, which was an increase of 110% from the same period last year.

She added that tourists from Singapore came second in the rankings of “big spenders” in Thailand, with an average daily spending of 6,284 per day Baht, followed by Malaysians (6,020 Baht), Indians (5,952 Baht), and Australians (5,842 Baht).
On average, foreign tourists spent only 4,950 Baht per day in Thailand during the first quarter of the year.

Well, what can one say. We find that a bit hard to swallow. If the Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indians have in fact become the biggest spenders in Thailand, one can’t help but wonder where and on what they waste their massive fortunes?
They surely don’t spend them in the bars of Pattaya.

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  1. I thought, ‘what a shame’ when I read this. Looks like the good old days of Pattaya are gone. It’s down to economy, the worlds gone mad for technology and most of it is manufactured in the east, therefore creating a booming economy there. Whilst the west is struggling to make ends meet. I’m an optimist though, one day good old British steel and German cars will rise from the ashes and then we’ll be parading down the beach road with a girl on each arm and a belly full of Heineken.

    • I don’t think that “new” Chinese invasion will stop anytime soon. The Chinese have more and more money, like to travel the world, and Thailand for them is just like Spain for the Brits or Germans. On a positive note, the “Russian invasion” of the last 10 years or so has obviously come to a halt. At least in March this year, there were more German tourists in Thailand than Russians, and the Russians outnumbered British tourists by just 175 people or so. (In Pattaya I’d say though, the share of Russian tourists may still have been a bit higher?) An unfortunate side effect is that the beaches and streets of Pattaya, at least in the former Russian strongholds of Jomtien and Naklua, are relatively deserted at the moment, even when taking into account that low season is probably at its lowest point now. Let’s hope that the word spreads soon enough and the Europeans return next high season and fill the bars again. It cannot be underestimated how many Europeans were put off from visiting Pattaya in recent years by the ever-increasing number of Russians. Sorry to say it.

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