30 Foreigners Caught Without Passports on Walking Street

Planning a night out on Walking Street? Wanna hit the clubs and party the night away? You better don’t forget your passport – and have nothing to hide from authorities. Local media report that more than 100 military and police officers from the Central Investigation Bureau raided five popular nightclubs, including 808, Flexx and Fever,… Continue Reading

Canadian Woman Assaulted at GoGo Bar on Walking Street

Two young Canadian women, aged 25 and 27, were reportedly assaulted by service staff at Palace A-GoGo on Walking Street late Thursday night after the two female teachers didn’t have enough cash on them to pay their 5,000-Baht bill and one of them went to a nearby ATM to withdraw the remaining money. Following a… Continue Reading

Scottish Tourist, Thai GF Go Berserk on Walking Street

A drunk 38-year-old Scottish tourist and his equally intoxicated Thai “girlfriend” were arrested outside the 808 nightclub on Walking Street late Wednesday night after the Scottish man punched a city hall security officer in the face. The 37-year-old Thai man who was stationed on Walking Street to assist local tourist police sustained minor facial injuries… Continue Reading

Indian Tourist Assaulted by Doorman on Walking Street

A 42-year-old Indian tourist was reportedly assaulted and robbed by a doorman on Walking Street late Tuesday night. Mr. Singh had been waiting for some Indian friends outside the Rhino A-GoGo at the southern end of Walking Street and taken a seat on a motorcycle parked outside the venue when a doorman at the bar… Continue Reading

Pattaya Bar Girl Killed by Ex-Thai BF on Walking Street

A young Thai woman was brutally killed outside a 7-Eleven convenience store near the Simon bar complex on Walking Street at around 7 p.m. Thursday night. The young woman, allegedly a local bar girl, was reportedly stabbed multiple times and had her throat slit by her Thai ex-boyfriend following a “domestic dispute” in public. According… Continue Reading

Living Dolls A-GoGo Raided for “Explicit Stage Shows”

The popular Living Dolls Showcase A-GoGo in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street was raided late on Tuesday night by a special regional police force who “allegedly witnessed sexually explicit shows taking place” at the venue. While a report will now be sent to the provincial governor and the bar faces a possible suspension of… Continue Reading

Bangkok Blast – Pattaya Remains Safe for Tourists, Say Police

In the aftermath of Monday’s deadly bomb attack at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine that also claimed the lives of at least nine foreign tourists, police in Pattaya have now sent a signal assuring the public that the city remains safe for locals as well as tourists and that their “safety is of paramount importance”. Following a… Continue Reading

Pattaya Nightlife in International Music Videos

Pattaya isn’t just one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations and world-renowned for its 24/7 party atmosphere. Funtown has also featured prominently in a number of international movies and TV series as well as a couple of music videos. Back in 2010, Pattaya and its legendary nightlife were featured in the clip to Finnish hip… Continue Reading

Polish Tourist Assaulted by Walking Street GoGo Bar Bouncers

A 55-year-old Polish tourist was assaulted by security guards at the newly-opened Skyfall A-GoGo bar at the northern end of Walking Street late Sunday night. The allegedly drunk man had previously been asked to leave the premises but refused and instead became “abusive”. One of the two bouncers was charged with assault while the bar… Continue Reading

Turkish Tourist Drugged, Robbed by Walking Street Prostitute

A 45-year-old Turkish tourist was drugged and robbed by a Thai freelance prostitute he met on Walking Street Monday night. The story began rather trivial when the Turkish man went for a night stroll down Walking Street and the 28-year-old woman chatted him up and offered to sell him sexual services. Business as usual. After… Continue Reading

Ladyboy Stiletto Attack on Polish Woman on Walking Street

A 23-year-old ladyboy was arrested at the entrance of Soi BJ on Walking Street early Sunday morning after attacking and hitting a Polish tourist over the head with a high-heeled shoe. The 42-year-old Polish woman had reportedly been “angry” that her husband had walked over to the the good-looking katoey and chatted him/her up. While… Continue Reading

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