British Tourist Plunges to Death From Walking Street Guesthouse

British Tourist Plunges to Death From Walking Street Guesthouse

A 31-year-old British tourist plunged to his death from a guesthouse on Walking Street in the early hours of Friday. The victim has been identified as Mr. Christopher Andrew Laidler, from England.
While the reason for the tourist’s fatal fall remain unknown, police suspect that the man may have been drunk after partying heavily on Walking Street and accidentally fell to his death. With all evidence pointing to a tragic mishap, it appears that murder or suicide can be ruled out.

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Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

A 26-year-old ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street early Wednesday morning for being part of pickpocket team that stole the smartphone of a tourist from Jordania.
The 61-year-old tourist told police that he had been strolling along Walking Street on his way back to his hotel room when the ladyboy and a female accomplice chatted him up and started groping up, proposing the usual naughty kind of late-night fun.
Only when it was too late he noticed that his phone was missing from his trouser pocket and called the police to assist him.

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Russian Tourist Robbed by Walking Street Hooker in Pattaya Condo

Russian Tourist Robbed by Walking Street Hooker

A 28-year-old Russian tourist who had picked up a Thai hooker from Walking Street and taken her back to his condo early Thursday morning apparently had his drink spiked by the young lady and was robbed of items with an estimated total value of 120,000 Baht.
The Russian told police he had met the young woman going by the name of “Oh” at an undisclosed location on Walking Street and agreed to take her back to his room.
To judge by the timestamp of CCTV images taken at the condominium, let’s assume the young lady is a freelancer and he picked her up at a late-night disco or one of the usual pick-up joints.

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Norwegian Groper Beaten Unconscious by Bar Staff on Walking Street

A young Norwegian tourist was beaten unconscious by a group of Thai men in front of the Reggae & Soul Bar on Walking Street early on Thursday after he had allegedly groped one of the men’s girlfriend’s breasts. The incident happened at 3 a.m. in the early hours of Thursday and left the 22-year-old Norwegian… Continue Reading

Bar Girls Fighting Over Farang Customer on Walking Street (Video)

It’s high season in Pattaya – at least on paper. Given that the end of November, the first month of the nominal peak season, is already approaching, at least Pattaya’s bars and clubs are still relatively empty. That’s neither good news for the tourism industry as a whole nor for Pattaya’s vast entertainment industry with… Continue Reading

Walking Street Closing Hours Extended to 4 a.m., Elsewhere 2 a.m.

It’s always been somewhat obscure at what time bars and clubs had to close in Pattaya. Thai law is quite open to interpretation, so while the official closing time nationwide is sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. the closing time in Pattaya has always been understood to be sometime around 2 a.m. Having said that,… Continue Reading

Butterfly German Stabbed by Jealous Thai GF on Walking Street

We all know that Thai women are jealous and prone to occasional outbreaks of violence, especially when they’ve had a few and lose the plot. Most Farang expats with Thai girlfriends or wives can tell you a thing or two about beer bottles knocked over their head etc. It’s part and parcel of the surreal… Continue Reading

Two Popular A-GoGo Bars on Walking Street Raided

Two popular GoGo bars on South Pattaya’s Walking Street, Alcatraz A-GoGo and Happy A-GoGo, were raided late Wednesday night by police and military officers following what emerged to be unsubstantiated reports that the venues were operating without proper licenses and employed underage workers and “illegal aliens.” The raids come in the aftermath of an ongoing… Continue Reading

Foreigner Dies During Short Time Session with Pattaya Ladyboy

The naked body of an unidentified foreigner was reportedly found in a short time hotel room off Walking Street early Sunday morning. In a most unusual way to go the way of all flesh even for Pattaya standards, it seems the middle-aged European succumbed to his injuries after he hit his head on the wall… Continue Reading

Russian Tourist Assaulted by Street Vendor on Walking Street

A 45-year-old Russian tourist was assaulted by an angry street vendor on Walking Street late Tuesday night.after he allegedly refused to buy “various pornographic items” from the man. Police said the Farang suffered “bloody bruises” after getting punched in the face by the disgruntled hawker, but rejected medical treatment after filing a report at Pattaya… Continue Reading

30 Foreigners Caught Without Passports on Walking Street

Planning a night out on Walking Street? Wanna hit the clubs and party the night away? You better don’t forget your passport – and have nothing to hide from authorities. Local media report that more than 100 military and police officers from the Central Investigation Bureau raided five popular nightclubs, including 808, Flexx and Fever,… Continue Reading

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