Thai-Cambo Border Closed for Out/In Visa Runs (Several Updates)

Starting Saturday afternoon, September 12, has received numerous reports from forum members indicating that immigration checkpoints on the Thai-Cambodian border were “no longer stamping visa exempt entries”. The checkpoint in Kanchanaburi on the Thai-Myanmar border was reportedly also closed for “border runners” holding a valid tourist or Non-Immigrant visa. >>> IMPORTANT UPDATES BELOW >>>… Continue Reading

Thailand Plans to Launch New Multiple-Entry “Tourist Visa”

To sum it up in a single sentence: Thailand plans to introduce a “six-month” multiple-entry visa that nationals of any country can apply for and will cost 5,000 Baht. Huh? Granted, details of the new “tourist visa” scheme are still very sketchy – so these news could be either mere window dressing or the long-awaited… Continue Reading

Thai Immigration: 90 Day Report Now Possible Online

Thai immigration has confirmed that foreigners who stay in the kingdom on long-term visas for longer than 90 days at a time and need to visit their local immigration office to report their current address every three months, can now make their “Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 Days” online. reports that… Continue Reading

New ED Visa Requirements, Extension Rules Enforced in Pattaya

According to a thread on, starting from February 2015, Chonburi Immigration on Jomtien Soi 5 will enforce the same strict rules regarding the requirements for ED visa holders and ED visa extension as immigration on Phuket and in Bangkok. That means that, for example, Thai language students will now also have to attend classes… Continue Reading

No ED Visa Extensions If Visa Older Than One Year

Visa extension regulations have now officially been tightened for foreigners who enroll to study Thai in private language schools and have obtained an Education Visa (ED visa). Effective from August 29, ED visas will be valid for only one year; foreign students will be granted visa extensions of 90 days each time but for no… Continue Reading

New Extension Rules – Stay in Thailand for 60 Days Without Visa

Effective from Friday, August 29, tourists will be able to extend their visa-exempt stay in Thailand by a further 30 days, not just seven days as previously. From now on, if you’re eligible for a visa-exempted stay of 30 days in the country, you will no longer need a 60-day tourist visa if you wish… Continue Reading

No Crackdown on Back-To-Back Tourist Visa Applications?

Will the current crackdown on out/in visa runs also affect back-to-back tourist visa applicants and foreign visitors holding valid tourist visas? In slightly sensational manner, reported on July 16: “Even those on valid tourist visas may be denied entry if immigration officials suspect feel they are spending too long in the country or working… Continue Reading

New ED Visa Rules – No Extensions If Visa Older Than One Year

Further changes have been announced to the Education visa rules and ED visa extension requirements. While it seems the new and considerably stricter rules have not been officially approved yet and will not go into effect before August 29, the Chonburi Immigration office on Jomtien Soi 5, which covers Pattaya and Chonburi province, is reportedly… Continue Reading

New Overstay Rules to Take Effect Late August?

Regarding the newly-announced immigration rule which may see “overstayers” of more than 90 days blacklisted, i.e. banned from returning to Thailand, for 1-10 years, the Bangkok Post reported on July 30: “Foreigners overstaying their visa in Thailand likely will face bans of up to 10 years starting August 25.” This is based on a quote… Continue Reading

Aliens Must Carry Valid ID, Report Address Change Within 24 Hours

According to a report on on July 29, immigration in Hua Hin announced that “from today [they will be] enforcing the existing rule that foreigners are required to carry a valid photo ID at all times.” In an update on July 30, then further explained that only the original passport was a valid… Continue Reading

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