Now Thai Immigration Want to Know (Almost) Everything About You

Not long ago Thai immigration invented a new requirement – proof of address – for tourists applying for a visa extension at their local immigration bureau. We mean, not just fill “Whatever Beach Resort, Pattaya City” in the application form but provide proof an actual street address. Fair enough. But that was then. Now that… Continue Reading

Final Call – New Overstay Rules to Take Effect March 20, 2016

Thailand’s strict new overstay rules that may see visa overstayers banned from re-entering the kingdom for up to 10 years have been in the news for a while now, so if you happen to have overstayed your visa you can’t say you didn’t know when you suddenly find yourself on an immigration blacklist, can you?… Continue Reading

Visa on Arrival Fee to Double from 1,000 to 2,000 Baht

Visitors from a total of currently 19 countries, such as China, India, Taiwan and Ukraine, whose nationals don’t qualify for the visa exemption scheme (which allows tourists from most Western countries to visit the kingdom without a visa), may apply for a so-called „visa on arrival“ in Thailand. Rather than applying for a tourist visa… Continue Reading

Thai Immigration Cartoon Clip Explains New Overstay Rules

As reported earlier this week, Thai immigration have recently warned they would start enforcing new overstay rules in just a bit over two months. The strict new rules will take effect on March 20, 2016, and allow for visa overstayers to be blacklisted and banned from re-entering the kingdom for 1-10 years. Thai immigration have… Continue Reading

Blacklisting for Visa Overstay to Go into Effect in March 2016

Watch out, the new strict overstay rules have now for the first time been officially confirmed by Thai immigration and will reportedly go into effect in just a bit over two months. According to the new rules, foreigners who overstay their visa in Thailand face getting blacklisted from re-entering the kingdom for 1-10 years depending… Continue Reading

“Proof of Address” Now Required for 30-Day Visa Extension

It’s always been a requirement for tourists who sought to extend their temporary stay in the kingdom for an extra 30 days at a local immigration office to indicate an address where they were staying in Thailand. This could be a hotel, guesthouse, condominium – whatever. In practice, immigration officials would never come and check… Continue Reading

No More Double Entry Tourist Visa in Vientiane

So it’s official now. As other Thai embassies around the world, the Thai consulate in Vientiane, Laos, will no longer issue double-entry tourist visas after November 12, 2015. Instead, from November 13, only single-entry tourist visas will be available to foreign applicants who are not Lao nationals. The new multiple-entry tourist visa (METV) will also… Continue Reading

Crackdown on Visa Overstayers – Blacklisting Mulled Again

One day after immigration police announced that more than 9,000 foreigners were arrested in Thailand over the past week, 97.5% of whom were found to be overstaying their visa and being in the country illegally, rumours are once again rife that controversial new overstay rules proposed in July 2014 might actually take effect soon. In… Continue Reading

New Tourist Visa Rules – No More Double-Entry Tourist Visas?

Here are potentially bad news for Thailand “long stayers” who are not in the lucky position to qualify for any other visa than a tourist visa and instead travel to Laos every few months to apply for a fresh double-entry stamp. Indeed, it looks like the ultimate end to “living” in Thailand on double-entry tourist… Continue Reading

Thailand Launches Six-Month Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed today on its Facebook page that starting from November 13, visitors of any nationality can apply for a “new” multiple-entry tourist visa that will be valid for six months. As with all other tourist visa, the permitted duration of stay per entry will however be only 60 days,… Continue Reading

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