Thai King Treated for ‘Severe’ Blood Infection: Palace (Several Updates)

According to a statement issued by the royal palace Friday night, Thailand’s ailing king Bhumibol Adulyadej has received treatment for a “severe” blood infection over the last few days. Blood tests had revealed on Wednesday that the highly revered 88-year-old monarch was suffering from a severe infection and reduced function of his kidneys, the statement… Continue Reading

Bomb Attacks Hit Five Southern Thai Provinces, Killing Four

Four people were killed and dozens injured, including 10 foreign tourists, in a wave of coordinated twin bomb attacks across the south of Thailand Thursday night and Friday morning. Targeted tourist destinations inluded Hua Hin, Phuket and Surat Thani. Several arson attacks were also reported across the southern provinces. One bomb reportedly went off outside… Continue Reading

Foreign Tourists May Be Required to Use Tracking SIM Cards (Updated)

In the name of national security (what else?), Thailand now plans to issue foreign visitors to the kingdom with special SIM cards that would allow authorities to easily track them. According to the controversial proposal, all foreign tourists and expats would be required to use a new style of SIM cards which would allow the… Continue Reading

Beggars Face Arrest, Deportation As New Begging Law Takes Effect

Thailand has never been a so-called “Third World” country, yet wealth isn’t evenly distributed and there’s still a high number of beggars on the streets, especially in Bangkok and major tourist destinations. Many of the beggars you’ll see in Thailand though are not even Thai nationals but hail from poorer countries in the region and… Continue Reading

Is Begging Illegal in Thailand or Not?

We actually always thought that begging was illegal in Thailand anyway. So we were surprised to read that the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has only today “approved [a new] law that bans street beggars.” From the Bangkok Post: The military-appointed assembly approved the Begging Control Act by 178 votes to two with seven abstentions. The… Continue Reading

Thailand Braces for ‘Mega Outbreak’ of Dengue Fever

Thailand is reportedly bracing itself for another ‘mega outbreak’ of the mosquito-borne dengue fever, with the number of infections possibly surpassing even the record 170,000 cases reported in 1987. Only last year, Thailand recorded some 140,000 cases, the highest number in nearly three decades, and 126 deaths from the virus. The most notable fatality was… Continue Reading

As Corrupt As Ever – Thailand Retains Ranking in Corruption Index

If people were asked to compile a list of Thailand’s most pressing issues “corruption” would likely take the top spot as the kingdom’s biggest and most persistent problem. And while it’s debatable whether or not corruption is really the root cause of all evil it’s certainly deeply ingrained in Thai culture and an issue that… Continue Reading

Facebook User Faces 32 Years in Jail for Clicking ‘Like’ (Updated)

A 27-year-old Thai factory worker reportedly faces 32 years in prison for clicking “like” and sharing a doctored image of the revered Thai king on Facebook. The member of an opposition “red shirt” group on Facebook reportedly also confessed to sharing an infographic about alleged corruption in the construction of the Rajabhakti Park project, allegedly… Continue Reading

Moscow Warns of ISIS Plot Against Russians in Pattaya

According to reports by local media outlets, based on copies of a “leaked Thai police memo citing information from the Russian Federal Security Service” (FSB), 10 Syrian ISIS members have entered Thailand in late October, possibly to carry out terror attacks against Russian tourists in Thailand. According to an unnamed tourist police source quoted by… Continue Reading

Thai Motorcycle Taxi Fares to be Standardized Nationwide?

The Thai government has announced on Friday that fares for motorcycle taxis across the country would be standardized before the end of the year. According to the acting deputy transport minister, the new and substantially lower motorcycle taxi fares would “become effective 60 days after [they have been] officially announced in the Royal Gazette or… Continue Reading

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