Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Tourist police in Pattaya arrested two ladyboys for stealing the wallet of an Australian tourist as he walked along Pattaya Beach Road in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Mr Bruce Lauchie McCown, 34, was reportedly chatted up by the ladyboys and, let’s assume, invited to a session of short-time fun with the two of them just after 5 a.m.
It was apparently when they hugged the tourist as they usually do in crimes like these that one of the creatures slipped her/his hand into the victim’s trouser pocket and nicked his wallet containing 16,000 Baht in cash.

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Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

Ladyboy Arrested for Pickpocketing Jordanian Tourist on Walking Street

A 26-year-old ladyboy was arrested on Walking Street early Wednesday morning for being part of pickpocket team that stole the smartphone of a tourist from Jordania.
The 61-year-old tourist told police that he had been strolling along Walking Street on his way back to his hotel room when the ladyboy and a female accomplice chatted him up and started groping up, proposing the usual naughty kind of late-night fun.
Only when it was too late he noticed that his phone was missing from his trouser pocket and called the police to assist him.

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Ladyboy Pickpocket Nicks Chinese Tourist’s iPhone on Soi 6

Pattaya beach sunset with ladyboy

We’ve only recently warned travellers and expats not to wear gold necklaces after dark in Pattaya or carry more cash than really necessary on them. Snatch-and-grab thefts and (ladyboy) pickpockets are by no means anything new in Pattaya but cases appear to have risen recently.
Having said that, we should have added that you’re also well advised not to carry an expensive smartphone on you either. In fact, many regular visitors to Pattaya who know all the nightt-time safety hazards have a separate cheap mobile phone, for example, an old Nokia or budget smartphone from 7-Eleven, they only use when they’re on a vacation in Thailand or go out in Pattaya by night.
Instead of taking the risk of having their regular, more expensive smartphone stolen, for example, by a random partner for the night, a casual thief in a bar or a “professional” pickpocket on Beach Road or on a Baht bus, they leave their regular smartphone at home or at least locked up in their hotel room. Here’s why.

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Indian Tourist Robbed by Ladyboy Pickpockets on Walking Street

A 34-year-old Indian tourist had his gold necklace snatched by two ladyboy pickpockets on Walking Street in the early hours of Wednesday.. The robbery followed the usual script: Ladyboys chat Indian tourist up and distract him by hugging him etc.; Indian tourist walks on and notices only minutes later that his necklace is no longer… Continue Reading

Ladyboy Pickpockets Targeting Foreigners Around Pattaya

Ladyboy pickpockets are a permanent menace for foreign tourists around Pattaya these days. Now two foreigners fell prey to two separate teams of ladyboy purse snatchers in two separate incidents occurring within just a few hours early on Tuesday (or at least these were the cases reported to the police during that time.) Continue Reading

Omani Tourist Robbed by Two Ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road

A 45-year-old Omani tourist was robbed by two ladyboy pickpockets on the Pattaya Beach Road promenade Wednesday night, losing the equivalent of 10,000 Baht in Omani currency. According to Pattaya One, the Middle Eastern tourist was strolling along the beach promenade with an Omani friend when, just opposite the Royal Garden Plaza mall, the foreigners… Continue Reading

Pattaya Ladyboy Meets Another Indian Necklace Snatch Victim

Just for the record (these stories aren’t quite “breaking news” anymore): Yet another Indian tourist had a gold necklace snatched from around his neck by a ladyboy presumably riding a motorcycle last night. According to Pattaya One, the incident occurred at around 1 a.m. Sunday morning outside Mona’s Bar on Soi 14 in Central Pattaya.… Continue Reading

Chinese Tourist Loses 150k Baht Gold Necklace to Ladyboys

It’s a frustrating reality. Theft cases where foreign tourists have a gold necklace or a handbag snatched from a bunch of ladyboys or motorcycle snatch-and-grab-thieves have become a nearly daily fixture in Pattaya. Most often the victims are Chinese or first-time visitors from India who all appear rather clueless about the risks of hitting town… Continue Reading

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