Two “Unprovoked” Attacks on Foreign Tourists in Pattaya

'Unprovoked' Attack on Aussie Tourist in Pattaya

As local media have reported, an Australian and an Indian tourist along with his Thai “girlfriend” were assaulted in two seemingly unprovoked attacks in two separate incidents in Pattaya in the early hours of Monday.

In the first incident, a 64-year-old Australian man who had been drinking in a bar on Pattaya Beach Road and was on his way back to his room claims he was attacked “out of the blue” by a gang of Thai men on Beach Road.
When the enraged foreigner made a report Pattaya Police Station at around 2 a.m. Monday morning it was obvious he “had an accident or been attacked in some way due to the injuries on his face and body.”

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Chinese National Arrested for Raping, Blackmailing Compatriot

Chinese National Arrested for Raping, Blackmailing Compatriot

A 26-year-old Chinese national has been arrested in Pattaya on Tuesday for allegedly raping and blackmailing a Chinese businesswoman with a clip he had taken of the crime.
The unnamed victim, also 26 years old, accuses the suspect not only of having sexual intercourse with her against her will but repeatedly blackmailing her with the video and threatening to publish the footage on social media.

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Massage Shop Raided in Pattaya for Offering ‘Special’ Services

Massage Shop Raided for Offering 'Special' Services

It’s not exactly breaking news that there are massage shops in Pattaya that extend their services beyond a traditional bone breaking session and don’t focus so much on health benefits but rather on your sexual gratification.
According to media reports some massage parlours in Pattaya may focus just on that – non-standard extra services that may well result in your balls getting emptied usually by means of manual or oral attention.

Now the “Good Friend” massage shop on Pattaya 3rd Road was paid a visit by undercover police over the weekend after the Boys on Brown – all upholders of moral standards – had received shocking reports that the girls working at the little venue provided such “special” naughty services.

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German Tourist Catches Ladyboy Pickpocket on Baht Bus

An alert German tourist made a citizen’s arrest Tuesday night after he caught a ladyboy pickpocket red-handed on a Baht bus in Pattaya. The elderly katoey had reportedly moved closer and closer on the Baht bus, slipped his/her hand into the foreigner’s pocket and nicked 1,220 Baht when the 59-year-old German noticed what was going… Continue Reading

Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Tourist police in Pattaya arrested two ladyboys for stealing the wallet of an Australian tourist as he walked along Pattaya Beach Road in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Mr Bruce Lauchie McCown, 34, was reportedly chatted up by the ladyboys and, let’s assume, invited to a session of short-time fun with the two of… Continue Reading

Underage Girls Offered for Sex in Pattaya Massage Shop

A seemingly traditional massage shop on Soi Chalermprakiat 25 (as far as we know that’s Soi Chaiyapoon just off Soi Buakhao) was raided after police had received a number of reports that the venue was offering “extra” services also provided by underage girls. After verifying these rumours through the help of a foreign undercover agent… Continue Reading

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