How Ugandan Women Are Lured Into the Sex Trade in Pattaya

There aren’t many black freelance hookers from Africa you will come across in Pattaya but you can always spot a number of mostly Ugandan women at the southern end of the beach promenade near Walking Street.

Now two young women from Uganda, named as Miss Forsia and Miss Dollar, who were lured into the sex trade in Pattaya filed a complaint against two fellow countrywomen at Pattaya Police Station.
The suspects, identified as Marie Nagawa, 29, and Rosemary Nebwiri, 31, had apparently paid for the victim’s air tickets to Thailand (it remains unknown what they had been promised and why they actually boarded the flight to Bangkok) and then forced the women to sell sexual services on Pattaya beach in order to repay their debts.
The story sheds a bit of a light on how Ugandan women come to work in the sex trade in Pattaya.

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Two Foreigners Complain Confiscated Phones Not Returned by Police

Here’s a bizarre story that may or may not come as a surprise to some readers. Two foreigners, one an American national, the other one an Indian national, have complained that they were recently detained for drunk driving in two separate cases and had their mobile phones confiscated by the police.
While that’s business as usual, both men allege that officers did not return their phones to them after they were released from detention upon their appearance in court and probably paying a hefty fine.

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Underage Girls Offered for Sex in Pattaya Massage Shop

A seemingly traditional massage shop on Soi Chalermprakiat 25 (as far as we know that’s Soi Chaiyapoon just off Soi Buakhao) was raided after police had received a number of reports that the venue was offering “extra” services also provided by underage girls. After verifying these rumours through the help of a foreign undercover agent… Continue Reading

Kuwaiti Teen Arrested for Stabbing Compatriot in Pattaya

Pattaya appears to attract an ever-increasing number of quality tourists (sic) at an increasingly young age. Now a 18-year-old Kuwaiti national was arrested shortly after stabbing a compatriot, also aged only 18. The incident happened at a convenience store on Soi VC in South Pattaya just after midnight on Thursday and left the victim seriously… Continue Reading

Ladyboy Pickpocket Nicks Chinese Tourist’s iPhone on Soi 6

We’ve only recently warned travellers and expats not to wear gold necklaces after dark in Pattaya or carry more cash than really necessary on them. Snatch-and-grab thefts and (ladyboy) pickpockets are by no means anything new in Pattaya but cases appear to have risen recently. Having said that, we should have added that you’re also… Continue Reading

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