Jomtien Bar Girl Kidnapped from Rompho Bar Complex

Jomtien Bar Girl Kidnapped from Rompho Bar Complex

In the early hours of Wednesday, a 30-year-old bar worker identified only as Mrs Pao was abducted from her bar by five Thai men who forced her into a minivan and sped off with her.
The incident happened at 3.30 a.m. at Champions Bar in the Rompho bar complex off Jomtien Second Road. It is assumed that the kidnapping is related to some kind of problem the abducted woman had with her previous boss – the unidentified owner of another bar where she used to work previously.
Since her forced disappearance, Mrs Pao has not been seen or heard of by her friends.

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Bar Girls Fighting Over Farang Customer on Walking Street (Video)


It’s high season in Pattaya – at least on paper. Given that the end of November, the first month of the nominal peak season, is already approaching, at least Pattaya’s bars and clubs are still relatively empty.
That’s neither good news for the tourism industry as a whole nor for Pattaya’s vast entertainment industry with its estimated tens of thousands of female employees – Pattaya’s lovely bar girls.

Farang punters are still few in numbers, so even with the rates for short time/long time services having gone up notably over the last few years, many bar girls are probably still struggling to make ends at the moment. No money, no honey, bar girls like to say. But the opposite is obviously also true: No honey, no money.
So no, it’s hardly a surprise that a video has emerged on YouTube now which shows two bar girls on Walking Street slapping and kicking each other reportedly over a foreign customer.

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Pattaya Bar Girl Robbed of Gold Necklace on Third Road

Not only unaware Asian tourists have gold necklaces snatched from around their neck. Ever-increasing numbers of Thais fall victim to snatch-and-grab thieves, too, in Pattaya. Now a 27-year-old bar girl on who was riding home from her workplace after the end of her shift had her gold necklace robbed on Pattaya Third Road. Fortunately, the… Continue Reading

Pattaya Beer Bar Mamasan Arrested for ‘Human Trafficking’

The 50-year-old mamasan of a beer bar in Central Pattaya was arrested on Friday on charges of alleged human trafficking and “providing sexual services” of a 16-year-old girl working in the bar. The sting operation that led to the arrest came on the heels of “information” given to police that the One More, Beer Bar… Continue Reading

Pattaya Beach Ladyboy Snatches Indian Tourist’s Gold Necklace

Another day, another gold necklace snatched on the darkly-lit Pattaya beach road promenade, the seaside resort’s #1 hangout for nocturnal freelance hookers of either gender and similarly dodgy creatures of the night, popularly also known as “Coconut Bar.” Who in his right mind would wear a gold necklace there after dark? Once again the culprit… Continue Reading

Norwegian Plunges to Death After Party Goes Horribly Wrong

A 40-year-old Norwegian national known only by the name of Mr Frode plunged to his death from a high-rise condominium in South Pattaya’s Pratamnak area Sunday morning after a private party with a Norwegian friend and two bar girls they had picked up in Pattaya the previous night obviously went horribly wrong. One of the… Continue Reading

Jomtien GoGo Girl Stabbed by Colleague for ‘Stealing Customers’

A 38-year-old dancer at ‘We Are No.1 A-GoGo’ near the Dongtan police box in Jomtien was attacked and stabbed with a corkscrew by a jealous colleague late Friday night. The two bar girls had reportedly been arguing over a customer and decided to thrash or battle it out in front of the bar after the… Continue Reading

Thai Sex Workers Fuel Rural Economy

A recent article at Asian Correspondent dealing with ladyboy sex workers in Pattaya drew our attention to some interesting figures regarding prostitution in Thailand and the economic significance of sex work in the country. According to Havocscope, an information platform and database for the global black market, there are 250,000 prostitutes in Thailand and the… Continue Reading

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