No New Year Countdown Party in South Pattaya, Fireworks Banned

New year festival in Naklua

Following the death of King Bhumibol in October it was expected that this year’s new year celebrations would be slightly subdued and more low-key than in previous years. This has now been confirmed.
For example, there will be no organized countdown party and concert at South Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier tonight as usual. Furthermore, fireworks have reportedly been banned citywide this year – although it’s hard to believe that there will be no fireworks at all lightening up the sky at midnight.
On the positive side, there will still be some kind of new year festival – however not at Bali Hai Pier as usual, but on the so-called Naklua ‘Walking Street’ in the north of Pattaya.

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Vigil for Late King: Pattaya Beach Road Closed to Traffic on Saturday


On Saturday, November 19, starting from 6 p.m., Pattaya Beach Road will host a vigil to mourn the recent death of King Bhumibol on Pattaya Beach Road. Beach Road will be closed to traffic from the Dolphin Roundabout in the North to the entrance of Walking Street in the South from 3 p.m. in the afternoon.
Thai people and “foreign friends and families” have been invited to come together to “mourn and remember the Royal Grace” of the late king. Crowd estimates vary between 50,000 and 100,000, with tens of thousands of Thais expected to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok only.

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Pattaya Nightlife to Resume As Normal Monday, November 14

Walking Street during the “party ban” on the night of October 23.

The waiting has finally come to an end. After the Thai military government clarified earlier this month that the 30-day “entertainment ban” – announced shortly after the death of King Bhumibol in October – would not get extended after November 14, Pattaya nightlife will soon return to normal.
Entertainment activities like parties and music that were slightly toned down over the last four weeks can now resume as normal from Monday, November 14.
There will be no more restrictions either on entertainment events such as festivals and concerts. TV channels will also be allowed to fully resume their regular programs.

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End of Buddhist Lent – Alcohol Ban on October 16, 2016

The important Buddhist holy day of Wan Ork Pansaa this year falls on Sunday, October 16. Wan Ork Pansaa, also known as the end of Buddhist Lent, is a national holiday, and many businesses will be closed for one day. As mandatory on the four most important Buddha days, alcohol sales will be banned nationwide… Continue Reading

Entertainment Activities to Go Back to Normal November 14 (Updated)

It’s been a sad day for the Thai people. Following the announcement of the death of King Bhumibol Thursday evening, Thais are mourning the tragic loss of their much revered monarch. Having reigned for 70 years, for most Thai people King Bhumibol is the only monarch they can remember in their lives and his death… Continue Reading

Walking Street Closing Hours Extended to 4 a.m., Elsewhere 2 a.m.

It’s always been somewhat obscure at what time bars and clubs had to close in Pattaya. Thai law is quite open to interpretation, so while the official closing time nationwide is sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. the closing time in Pattaya has always been understood to be sometime around 2 a.m. Having said that,… Continue Reading

Pattaya Beer Bar Mamasan Arrested for ‘Human Trafficking’

The 50-year-old mamasan of a beer bar in Central Pattaya was arrested on Friday on charges of alleged human trafficking and “providing sexual services” of a 16-year-old girl working in the bar. The sting operation that led to the arrest came on the heels of “information” given to police that the One More, Beer Bar… Continue Reading

Butterfly German Stabbed by Jealous Thai GF on Walking Street

We all know that Thai women are jealous and prone to occasional outbreaks of violence, especially when they’ve had a few and lose the plot. Most Farang expats with Thai girlfriends or wives can tell you a thing or two about beer bottles knocked over their head etc. It’s part and parcel of the surreal… Continue Reading

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