Russian Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Tour Bus in Naklua

Russian tourist crushed to death by tour bus

A young Russian motorcyclist was crushed to death by a tour bus at the Dolphin Roundabout in Naklua at about 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.
According to witnesses quoted by Pattaya One,

Mr Sergei Sugadaev was riding along Naklua Road on the left hand side of a coach (…) when the driver took a sudden and sharp left hand turn into Soi 29/1.

Mr Sugadaev was unable to brake in time and was knocked off and then run over by the rear wheels of the couch.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, by medics, of head injuries (…)

The tour bus driver was arrested and may (or may not) face criminal charges over the tourist’s death.

Unidentified Foreigner Falls Through Pattaya Temple Roof

Unidentified foreigner falls through Pattaya temple roof

An unidentified foreigner of unknown nationality apparently climbed onto the rooftop of the Children’s Center Canteen at the Wat Chaimongkol temple in South Pattaya early Monday morning. Most likely due to his weight he eventually fell through the roof and landed face-down on the ground floor of the temple building.

The body of the strongly built Caucasian man, presumed to be in his mid-fourties, was found by temple staff at 6 a.m. with a broken skull and covered in blood. He was soon pronounced dead at the scene.
Aside from an iPhone and a small amount of cash police found no documents on the foreigner’s body that may help establish his identity. The light-skinned man is however presumed to be a European or North American.

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Frenchman Jumps to his Death at Central Festival Pattaya Beach


An elderly Frenchman jumped to his death from a 6th-floor landing at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach mall late Thursday night. He eventually landed at the top of an escalator on the third floor and was pronounced dead at the scene.
The suicide comes less than a week after an unidentified British national had also threatened to jump to his death from a balcony at the mall but was kept from doing so by security guards in the very last minute.

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‘British Tourist’ Nearly Jumps to Death at Shopping Mall (Video)

An unidentified foreign man, believed to be a “British tourist” aged between 40 and 50, threatened to jump to his death from a second-floor balcony at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall this week. Following dramatic moments of panic among shoppers the man was eventually saved by security guards at the mall who convinced… Continue Reading

Australian National Falls to Death From Pattaya Condominium

A 59-year-old Australian national reportedly fell to his death from the 15-story 9 Karat Condominium on Soi Arunothai 2 early on Wednesday. The victim, Mr Russell John Calcutt, had earlier had a drink with his Thai GF and an Australian friend and was due to return to Australia the following morning. His body reportedly landed… Continue Reading

Briton Dies in Bangkok Hospital After Failing to Pay Medical Bills

Here’s a distressing reminder that life – especially that of a foreign tourist who has run out of money and gets hospitalized – is worth very little in Thailand and that a decent travel health insurance is of utmost importance in the kingdom. In fact, many hospitals won’t even treat or accommodate you if you… Continue Reading

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