Russian Tourist Hit, Killed by Foreigner Riding Ducati Superbike

We’re certain it’s not completely new to you that pedestrians aren’t always safe on the streets of Pattaya. So the following story may just serve as an extreme reminder that you should always keep an eye on the traffic before crossing a road in Thailand.
This rule doesn’t apply just during heavy daytime traffic but especially late in the night when the streets may be mostly deserted but motorists may be drunk and speeding just for that very reason.

A 25-year-old Russian identified as Mr. Vadim Volkov was now killed on Pattaya Second Road after he crossed the street without paying attention and presumably in a rush and was hit by another foreigner riding a Ducati superbike at reportedly high speed.
The fatal accident occurred just outside Caesar’s Palace Hotel near Soi 8 at around 3.30 a.m. on Wednesday and also left the foreign crash driver badly injured.

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Body of Kazakh Tourist, Drunk Thai GF Found in Pattaya Hotel Bed

Body of Kazakh Tourist, Drunk Thai GF Found in Pattaya Hotel Bed

Pattaya police are investigating the mysterious death of a 41-year-old male foreign tourist whose body was found lying on the bed of his hotel room on Soi Buakhao Tuesday night. The tourist has been identified as Mr. Viktor Vart from Kazakhstan.
But it’s not just the as-yet-unknown cause of death which makes this case mysterious: Lying next to the naked body who police assume had been dead for over 24 hours, officers also found the dead man’s Thai girlfriend who was reportedly heavily drunk and “sobbing” but otherwise alive and well.

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Arrest Warrants Issued Over Ganglang Killing of Briton (Updated)

Two suspects wanted over gangland killing of Briton in Pattaya

Two arrest warrants have been issued on Thursday over the execution-style killing of a British businessman near Pattaya on Tuesday. It is suspected that the cold-blooded gangland murder is related to the victim’s involvement with “boiler room” gangs in Pattaya.
Mr Tony Kenway, 39, owner of a “web design company” in Pattaya, a fleet of luxury cars and a mansion in the Jomtien area, was gunned down in broad daylight behind the driving wheel of his Porsche Cayenne GTS in the parking lot of the Sanit Sports Club in Tambon Pong near Pattaya Tuesday morning.
The father of two children with his Thai wife was killed with a single gunshot to his head.

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Unidentified Foreigner Falls Through Pattaya Temple Roof

An unidentified foreigner of unknown nationality apparently climbed onto the rooftop of the Children’s Center Canteen at the Wat Chaimongkol temple in South Pattaya early Monday morning. Most likely due to his weight he eventually fell through the roof and landed face-down on the ground floor of the temple building. The body of the strongly… Continue Reading

‘British Tourist’ Nearly Jumps to Death at Shopping Mall (Video)

An unidentified foreign man, believed to be a “British tourist” aged between 40 and 50, threatened to jump to his death from a second-floor balcony at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall this week. Following dramatic moments of panic among shoppers the man was eventually saved by security guards at the mall who convinced… Continue Reading

Australian National Falls to Death From Pattaya Condominium

A 59-year-old Australian national reportedly fell to his death from the 15-story 9 Karat Condominium on Soi Arunothai 2 early on Wednesday. The victim, Mr Russell John Calcutt, had earlier had a drink with his Thai GF and an Australian friend and was due to return to Australia the following morning. His body reportedly landed… Continue Reading

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