Russian Tourist Robbed by Walking Street Hooker in Pattaya Condo

Russian Tourist Robbed by Walking Street Hooker

A 28-year-old Russian tourist who had picked up a Thai hooker from Walking Street and taken her back to his condo early Thursday morning apparently had his drink spiked by the young lady and was robbed of items with an estimated total value of 120,000 Baht.
The Russian told police he had met the young woman going by the name of “Oh” at an undisclosed location on Walking Street and agreed to take her back to his room.
To judge by the timestamp of CCTV images taken at the condominium, let’s assume the young lady is a freelancer and he picked her up at a late-night disco or one of the usual pick-up joints.

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Italian Expat Drugged, Robbed by Foreigner in Pattaya

Italian drugged and robbed by foreigner in Pattaya

A 44-year-old Italian national who claimed he was previously cheated out of a two-million Baht investment in an unidentified “entertainment business” in Pattaya filed a report at the police station early on Wednesday, accusing another foreigner of drugging and robbing him of 600,000 Baht plus a “designer watch” worth another 150,000 Baht in the late hours of Tuesday.
The other foreigner had reportedly claimed he could help the Italian victim retrieve his lost investment, and the 600,000 Baht were meant to be “police fees” for securing the Boys in Brown’s assistance in recovering the victim’s lost money.

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Korean Tourist Drugged, Nearly Robbed by Ladyboy Streetwalker

Streetwalkers on Pattaya beach by night

A 30-year-old Korean tourist was lucky to wake up just in time Saturday morning after a ladyboy streetwalker had spiked his drink with crushed sleeping pills and began ransacking his room in search of whatever valuables he may have kept there.
Mr Lee Eunsu regained consciousness just in time to confront the aggressive ladyboy thief and alert hotel staff of the robbery in progress. Security guards at the unnamed Central Pattaya hotel detained the ladyboy until police arrived and arrested the notorious repeat offender.

Mr Lee told police he had taken the ladyboy back to his room where he/she offered him a glass of beer, which had obviously been spiked with crushed sleeping pills. Halfway through his drink, Pattaya Daily News report, the Korean man luckily “found something wrong in the glass of beer so he stopped drinking.” Unfortunately almost a mouthful too late.
Mr Lee fell asleep soon after and regained consciousness only when he “heard the sound of ransacking in his room” and found the ladyboy rummaging through his personal items. Despite the ladyboy “screaming” at him and obviously threatening to attack his unruly victim, the Korean tourist was quick-witted enough to call hotel staff to detain the ladyboy thief and alert police of the robbery in progress.

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Pattaya Ladyboy Drugs, Robs German Tourist

A 24-year-old ladyboy going by the name of “Top“ was arrested in Sattahip on Wednesday after he/she confessed to drugging and robbing a German tourist earlier this week. The German ladyboy lover, named as Mr. Gerhard Seidel, had reportedly picked up the transgender streetwalker Sunday night and taken him/her to his room at Jomtien. Mr… Continue Reading

Two Thai Women Arrested for Drugging, Robbing Tourists

Two Thai street prostitutes were arrested on Walking Street Monday night for separately drugging and robbing two tourists from Iran and Israel, aged 52 and 65, in their hotel rooms. According to Khaosod English, the two women in their early 30s were tracked down from CCTV footage at the hotels where the two men were… Continue Reading

Turkish Tourist Drugged, Robbed by Walking Street Prostitute

A 45-year-old Turkish tourist was drugged and robbed by a Thai freelance prostitute he met on Walking Street Monday night. The story began rather trivial when the Turkish man went for a night stroll down Walking Street and the 28-year-old woman chatted him up and offered to sell him sexual services. Business as usual. After… Continue Reading

Thai Women Arrested for Drugging, Robbing Farangs

Police have arrested two 40-year-old Thai women at their rented room in Jomtien Tuesday morning. They are accused of drugging and robbing an unknown number of foreign men in Pattaya over the last couple of months. The two sex workers would reportedly pick up “customers” on the street, lace their drinks with sleeping tablets and… Continue Reading

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