Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

The ever increasing number of alcohol checkpoints not just around Pattaya is surely a pain in the rear for those who remember the “good old days” where you could virtually get thrashed to the point of not being able to walk straight any longer but still drive your motorbike or car around Pattaya without any fear of being stopped and breathalyzed by the police.

But the times have changed and law is law, on some occasions also in Thailand, and the maximum drink driving limit is 0.5 g of alcohol in your body, same as in many Western countries too.
In fact, since the military takeover three years ago that law is being ever more strictly enforced and there are DUI checkpoints almost every day at random locations around Pattaya, most frequently on the so-called Dark Side and at main intersections in the city centre.
Even secret LINE groups exist nowadays where members post real-time checkpoint information.

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Alcohol Ban on Makha Bucha Day, February 11, 2017

Golden Buddha statue in Bangkok

This year, the important Buddhist holiday of Makha Bucha falls on Monday, February 11. Since this is a national holiday, government offices including your local immigration bureau, banks and many other businesses would usually be closed for one day. With Makha Bucha falling on a Saturday, however, and government offices being closed anyway, Monday, February 13, has been designated by the Thai government as a substitute holiday.
As usual on the four most important Buddha days, alcohol sales will be strictly banned nationwide and bars and entertainment venues in Pattaya required to close from midnight to midnight.

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End of Buddhist Lent – Alcohol Ban on October 16, 2016

Alcohol ban on Wan Ork PansaaThe important Buddhist holy day of Wan Ork Pansaa this year falls on Sunday, October 16.
Wan Ork Pansaa, also known as the end of Buddhist Lent, is a national holiday, and many businesses will be closed for one day.
As mandatory on the four most important Buddha days, alcohol sales will be banned nationwide and most bars and entertainment venues closed around Pattaya. As it appears, the booze ban applies from midnight to midnight.

Wan Ork Pansaa marks the end of this year’s Buddhist Lent and and the monks’ annual “rains retreat”, during which they are restricted to their temples for a period of three lunar months. The important Buddhist holiday also marks the “official” end of the rainy season, and devout Buddhists will turn out in the thousands at local temples to make merit (tham bun) and take part in religious ceremonies.

As on the three other main Buddha holidays (and stipulated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act of 2008), alcohol sales are prohibited by law and most bars in Pattaya will be closed for the day (that is from midnight to midnight).
While hotels are exempted from the ban, restaurants, department stores and supermarkets (including 7-Eleven convenience stores) will not be allowed to sell alcohol either.
Anyone violating the law can be fined up to 10,000 Baht and/or receive a prison sentence of up to six months. Bar owners also face the risk of having their venues shut down temporarily if they should be found to ignore the order.

Alcohol Ban on Constitutional Referendum Weekend, August 6-7

On Sunday, August 7, Thai people will eventually get to vote on whether they accept or reject the controversial new draft constitution penned by a military-appointed committee. In short, the two most controversial issues are that, according to the new draft, the Senate would become a fully appointed chamber and have veto power over the… Continue Reading

Visakha Bucha Buddha Booze Ban, May 20, 2016

Just a heads up: The important Buddhist and public holiday of Visakha Bucha this year falls on Friday, May 20. Being a national as well as one of the four most important religious holidays in the Thai calendar, Visakha Bucha doesn’t just result in government offices, immigration, banks etc. closed for a full day – … Continue Reading

New Crackdown on Drunk Driving Announced for Songkran

Songkran, the traditional Thai new year festival, is just around the corner now and preparations for the world’s “largest water battle” are well under way in Pattaya. As usual, the week-long annual madness and nonstop street party promises to become just as wild as it is wet. And well, unless you’re a strict non-drinker it… Continue Reading

Pattaya Police “Satisfied” with New Year Road Safety Stats

The seven dangerous days of the New Year holiday period haven’t even officially come to an end but road deaths and accidents will be counted until the very last minute of Monday, January 4. The nationwide stats don’t look promising either, with as many people killed in road crashes after only six days as lives… Continue Reading

Automatic One-Month Jail Term for Drunk Driving in Pattaya?

We noted a couple of days ago that an increased crackdown on drunk driving and more DUI checkpoints must be expected in Pattaya (and nationwide) over the New Year’s holiday period. That’s the same procedure as every year. But what exactly are the fines and penalties if you can’t bribe the Boys in Brown (which… Continue Reading

No Booze Ban Near Schools in Pattaya – For Now

A bit over a month ago, a controversial new rule banning alcohol sales near schools, colleges and universities in Thailand has finally become effective. We reported then: The ban on alcohol sales near educational institutions was first proposed in July. The original order banned the sale of alcohol within a 300-metre radius of schools and… Continue Reading

Alcohol Ban Near Thai Schools, Universities Effective Now

With a notice published in the Royal Gazette on Thursday, the sale of alcohol near schools, colleges and universities in Thailand is now officially prohibited. The new rule is effective from today, Friday, October 23. The ban on alcohol sales near educational institutions was first proposed in July. The original order banned the sale of… Continue Reading

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