Foreigner Making Video Call Hit, Killed by Russian Motorist

Foreigner Making Video Call Hit, Killed by Russian Motorist

An unidentified young foreign tourist thought be a Russian national was hit and killed by a fellow Russian motorist as he crossed Jomtien Beach Road making a video call on his phone.
The fatal accident happened opposite The Now Hotel on Jomtien Beach Road just before 3 a.m. on Sunday.
The yet unidentified victim carried no ID card or passport on him but is also believed to be a Russian national aged approx. 25-30 years old.

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Russian Tourist Hit, Killed by Foreigner Riding Ducati Superbike

We’re certain it’s not completely new to you that pedestrians aren’t always safe on the streets of Pattaya. So the following story may just serve as an extreme reminder that you should always keep an eye on the traffic before crossing a road in Thailand.
This rule doesn’t apply just during heavy daytime traffic but especially late in the night when the streets may be mostly deserted but motorists may be drunk and speeding just for that very reason.

A 25-year-old Russian identified as Mr. Vadim Volkov was now killed on Pattaya Second Road after he crossed the street without paying attention and presumably in a rush and was hit by another foreigner riding a Ducati superbike at reportedly high speed.
The fatal accident occurred just outside Caesar’s Palace Hotel near Soi 8 at around 3.30 a.m. on Wednesday and also left the foreign crash driver badly injured.

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Russian Tourist Crashes Motorcycle As He Chases Necklace Snatchers

A 40-year-old Russian tourist crashed his rented motorcycle in heavy rain just after midnight on Sunday after he had his gold necklace snatched by two drive-by thieves and he gave chase to the two suspects. Luckily Mr Andrei Ananev and his wife, who was riding pillion, were both only slightly injured after they lost control… Continue Reading

11 People Burned Alive in Horror Minivan Crash near Pattaya

It’s a well-known fact that minivans aren’t particularly the safest means of transport there is in Thailand. They’re popular because they’re cheap and fast (often too fast to be safe.) But on the downside, minivan drivers haven’t got exactly the best reputation. At least once a week, a minivan crash makes national headlines because either… Continue Reading

Tourist Killed in Parasailing Accident off Pattaya Beach

A 37-year-old Sri Lankan tourist was killed in a parasailing accident just off Pattaya beach Saturday afternoon, as it seems due to a sudden lack of wind that caused the foreigner to crash into speedboat that was towing him. Realizing that accidents like these are damaging Pattaya’s tourism image, city officials have (once again) agreed… Continue Reading

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