Canadian Woman Assaulted at GoGo Bar on Walking Street

Sexy girls outside a GoGo bar on Walking Street

Two young Canadian women, aged 25 and 27, were reportedly assaulted by service staff at Palace A-GoGo on Walking Street late Thursday night after the two female teachers didn’t have enough cash on them to pay their 5,000-Baht bill and one of them went to a nearby ATM to withdraw the remaining money.
Following a warning recently issued by authorities for entertainment venues in Pattaya to strictly observe the law and refrain from using violence against foreign tourists, the GoGo bar now faces a five-year closure order.
Pattaya One reports that the two female tourists had

accrued a drinks bill of approximately 5,000 Baht [at the bar]. The time came for them to leave but they realized they did not have enough money to cover the bill. One of them remained at the bar while the other went to an ATM to withdraw the money.

After some time, the woman had not returned from the ATM so her friend decided to walk out to the front of the bar to search for her but was prevented from doing so by service staff. A fight ensued during which time the detained woman was injured. Despite this the outstanding bill was paid in full by the pair.

Another fine example for lack of sure instinct …

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