Canadian Tourist Attacked in Bar Bill Dispute on Soi 7

Canadian Tourist Attacked in Bar Bill Dispute on Soi 7

A drunk Canadian tourist who reportedly refused to pay his drinks bill at Angel’s Place Bar on Soi 7 in Pattaya was attacked by disgruntled bar staff early Saturday after he tried to do a runner and they chased him down the street. They claim that the foreigner had provoked the fight.
43-year-old Darryl McKinnon suffered slash wounds and bruises to his body as well as a massive head wound in the street fight after someone apparently hit him over the scalp with an unidentified sharp object. A bar girl that had obviously been part of the attacking team also suffered a leg wound in the brawl.
Crazy shit, but it doesn’t stop here.

Police reportedly arrived at the scene at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning and took all those involved in the incident around the corner to the police station where they were rendered first aid and questioned. But instead of calming down in view of the boys in brown, guess what, the situation only escalated further.
Not only gave both sides apparently conflicting versions of the sequence of events that led to the early morning brawl; the furious bar girl also seized the chance to attack the Canadian tourist once more, right in the middle of the station and even kicking out at police officers trying to restrain the enraged woman.
The drunk Canadian tourist – who still had not paid his bill by now – was eventually taken to hospital to have his head wound stitched up and the blood washed from his face. Meanwhile, the furious bar girl and some of her colleagues who are also believed to have attacked the tourist were detained pending further questioning.

What can we say? Just another day in paradise it seems. Sure, there might be more to this uncalled-for story than meets the eye, but hey, in the end it’ll probably just boil down to a question of “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Who really cares when drunk idiot tourist meets aggressive idiot bar girl.

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