Butterfly German Stabbed by Jealous Thai GF on Walking Street

German stabbed by jealous Thai GF on Walking Street

We all know that Thai women are jealous and prone to occasional outbreaks of violence, especially when they’ve had a few and lose the plot. Most Farang expats with Thai girlfriends or wives can tell you a thing or two about beer bottles knocked over their head etc. It’s part and parcel of the surreal Pattaya lifestyle in a way.
Most recently, a Thai guy who allegedly had a bit on the side had his best friend chopped off by his jealous wife. But that’s an extreme example of domestic violence where the man is on the receiving end and unheard of (yet) in Thai-Farang relationships gone sour.
The reasons for attacks on their Farangs boyfriends are usually money (that’s always a hot topic) or warranted or unwarranted jealousy (which usually has to do with money too.) Most often it’s easy to subdue them and go on an extended pub crawl until the missus has calmed down.
Things get much more complicated though when your tee-rak is heavily armed, say, with a knife or a pair of scissors, and running away is not an option because you’re surrounded by a crowd of people.
A straying German expat in Pattaya now made that unpleasant experience when he was assaulted with a pair of scissors by his (ex?) Thai girlfriend of two years who saw him with another (his new?) lady on Walking Street.

The incident happened at around 1.30 a.m. Sunday morning close to the entrance to Walking Street and resulted in the 49-year-old German national suffering several stab wounds to his left arm.
According to a Thai taxi driver witness of the savage attack, he suddenly heard screams coming from a crowd of tourists and saw people run away in panic. When he went to investigate he found the 43-year-old Thai woman viciously attack the German with a pair of scissors and repeatedly stab him like a maniac.
It was only with the help of other “good citizens” that he managed to subdue the crazy woman, grab the scissors off her and call the police.
The German victim, named as Mr Jörn Günther Von Hedenström, got patched up by medics at the scene and was taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital where he is recovering from his non-life threatening injuries. The 43-year-old female attacker, reportedly his girlfriend of two years, was initially detained by police.

The reason she gave the police for attacking her German boyfriend is the usual trivial jealousy stuff. She claimed she had been in a relationship with Mr Jörn for two years and today happened to catch him red-handed with his “new gig” on Walking Street. In a Thai-style fit of jealousy she armed herself with a knife and pair of scissors and attacked the man in the middle of the street.
It remains unclear whether at the time of the attack the couple were still in a relationship and the German had a night out and was cheating on her, or whether the affair had come to an end and the “new gig” was actually the German’s new girlfriend.

Source: Khaosod Breaking News

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