British Woman Indecently Assaulted by Drunk Security Guard

A 50-year-old British woman on vacation in Pattaya was reportedly indecently assaulted by a drunk security guard in East Pattaya after he had watched her swim in the communal pool.
The incident happened at a high-end residential village near the Mabprachan reservoir where the woman had rented a luxury home for one month and the suspect was employed as a security guard. The 39-year-old Thai man had allegedly fancied the British tourist ever since her arrival in the village.
Pattaya One reports that late Monday afternoon, the presumably drunk guard

entered the house through the unlocked front gate and approached the British woman and began to hug her and touch her in intimate areas of her body. Neighbors were alerted by her screams and the guard retreated to his post at the front of the village.

The suspect told police

he had admired the woman since she arrived at the village but was too shy to approach her. Because of his intoxicated state his inhibitions disappeared and he decided to make the unwanted advance.

An idiot in more ways than one.

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