‘British Tourist’ Nearly Jumps to Death at Shopping Mall (Video)


An unidentified foreign man, believed to be a “British tourist” aged between 40 and 50, threatened to jump to his death from a second-floor balcony at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping mall this week.
Following dramatic moments of panic among shoppers the man was eventually saved by security guards at the mall who convinced him not to jump.

The incident reportedly took place at around 11.30 a.m. on Thursday. Footage of the would-be suicide shows the foreigner kneeling on a tiny ledge while hanging onto the railings of the balcony.
No further details regarding the identity and nationality of the man have been released, only that he’s believed to be British and was reportedly “stressed and depressed because he had life problem (sic).” We guess this is a more than likely explanation for his somewhat odd behaviour in public …

h/t Pattaya One

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  1. Andy, like I said to you in my recent e-mail,which I am still awaiting the courtesy of a reply, we are talking here of rare incidents. I would ask you please when you reporting these incidents to please keep them in the proper context and please stress that they are very uncommon.
    I would be most obliged is you not only respond to this message, but please respond to my original e-mail concerning irresponsible reporting.

    • Sorry Dave, I’ve recently been very busy with some non-website-related stuff. I haven’t forgotten your email 🙂 I’d wish myself there were less bad news coming from Pattaya; but as it seems, the bad or at least the odd news always prevail (and are unfortunately also what people are most interested in.) Granted, every now and then a baht bus driver returns a lost wallet to a farang customer. More often though, a farang gets pickpocketed or otherwise fleeced on a baht bus. When I read foreign newspapers it’s unfortunately just the same – it’s usually only the “bad” stories that make it to the front page 🙁 I’ll still keep your advice in mind though and promise I’ll try to find some more “uplifting” stories to report from time to time. Thanks.

      • Thanks for your reply Andy, I do appreciate it. I note the points that you make and to some extent I agree with you. What I was trying to do was not particularly ask you not to report such incidents, but to stress that they are rare and uncommon and should not be taken out of context. Having said that the reporting of some good news would be nice. I do believe people like to read good news, apart from it putting Pattaya in a good light which in the long run benefits all concerned including your good self, it also makes people feel better within them selves and not depressed by keep reading bad news all the time! I look forward to your response very soon. Take care, DAVE…………………………………………………

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