British Tourist Has Wallet Snatched by Thai Ladies on Beach Road

Pattaya Beach Road by nightA 48-year-old British tourist had his wallet snatched by two Thai women on Pattaya Beach Road late Saturday night after one of the ladies befriended and “distracted” him.
The foreigner told police he was approached by the two female pickpockets, aged 22 and 53 years, in front of the Twin Palms Resort as he was on his way back to his hotel after a night on the town.
Pattaya One reports that the younger woman “distracted the victim” while her older accomplice nicked his wallet containing 5,540 Baht and an undisclosed amount of foreign currency from his trouser pocket.
Fortunately for the victim, police could swiftly locate the two suspects on Pattaya Beach Road after the tourist reported the theft at the nearby police station at the corner of Soi 9. According to Pattaya One, “a search of the beach uncovered the stolen money buried under a thin layer of sand.”
The two women eventually confessed and were charged with theft.

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