British Bar Owner Fights Off Thai Teenage Gang

soi buakhaoFor a welcome change, here’s a crime story with a somewhat happy ending for the foreign “victim” who decided to fight back against a bunch of Thai cowards that attacked him as he was riding his motorcycle late Thursday night.
According to media reports, the British bar owner successfully fought off a gang of six young Thai men (yep, that’s six against one) who attacked him on Soi Khao Noi and attempted to steal his motorbike.
The 33-year-old Brit sustained some minor facial injuries and a sore rib. According to his own comment at Pattaya One, however, the lone fighter is confident that the “uppercut i gave 1 took some teeth out”. Well done!

Pattaya One reports:

Mr. Danny Daniels was on his way to check on his beer bar in Soi Buakhao and was travelling down Soi Khao Noi in East Pattaya when a gang of six men on three motorbikes cut him off and forced him to skid and fall onto the road.

The six young men approached Mr. Daniels and proceeded to attack him with their safety helmets and an attempt was made to steal his red Honda PCX motorbike, which is worth an estimated 60,000 Baht.

Mr. Daniels, decided to fight back and sustained facial injuries and a split-lip in the process, but he successfully overpowered the gang who retreated.

Good job, Mr. Daniels! Let’s hope this teaches that bunch of gutless muppets a lesson.

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