Bangok Nightspots Face Midnight Curfew – CANCELLED

Update … We’re based in Pattaya so aren’t really familiar with the situation on the ground in the City of Angels. But according to a post by Bangkok-based blogger Stickboy BKK, as of Thursday, March 5, the early closing order has apparently been cancelled by the boys in brown and bars and nightclubs throughout Bangkok are operating as usual. Here’s our earlier report:

According to reports by Coconuts Bangkok, all nightlife and entertainment venues in Bangkok have been ordered by police to close by midnight for, at least, the next two weeks.
Others report that nightspots “holding entertainment licenses” would be allowed to operate until 1 a.m., while “everyone else must quit by midnight”. But regardless of whether it’s midnight or a mere 60 minutes later – bars and nightclubs in the capital will be forced to call it a night considerably earlier than usual.
The enforcement of the unprecedented midnight curfew, which also applies to events and parties and, by the way, is actually pretty much in line with the law, is set to begin this weekend.
While it seems like some bickering over competence between the military and the police in Bangkok and the concept of “saving face” are to blame, no official explanation has been given, and business owners are naturally confused and worried.
Coconuts Bangkok comment that

in recent weeks city police have been under pressure and under fire from the military, who’ve sought to shake up the ranks with summary transfers and accusations of negligence following army raids of illegal businesses apparently operating openly under the noses of police. In this past week police officials were placed on a defensive footing after officers were transfered and investigated following publicized raids by soldiers of illegal casinos. Since then they’ve made a show of proactive policing (…)

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