Baht-Bus Pickpocket Targets Foreign Victims

IMG_0175If you usually get around in Pattaya by Baht-bus – you know, these dark blue pick-up truck taxis that continuously cruise the streets of Pattaya – here’s a reminder for you to always pay attention to the people sitting next to you, regardless of how little suspicious they appear, and keep an eye on your handbag and trouser pockets.
A Danish and a German tourist, both traveling on Baht-buses on Pattaya Second Road in South Pattaya, have now fallen victims to the same female pickpocket who was obviously sitting next to them and slipped her hand into their trouser pockets.
While the German “lost” his Samsung Galaxy smartphone on the Baht-bus, the Danish man had 15,000 Baht in cash stolen.
Pattaya One reports that the 49-year-old Danish tourist was

the first to arrive at Pattaya Police Station where he complained of losing 15,000 Baht from his trouser pocket and claimed a Thai lady [who] sat next to him had removed money from his trouser pocket initially without his knowledge.

Only minutes later, a 50-year-old German tourist, who had been traveling on the same taxi route and perhaps even used the same Baht-bus, arrived at the station and claimed he had had his smartphone nicked as he was traveling on the Baht-bus.
Fortunately for the foreign victims, the woman suspected of being the culprit in both cases is obviously not just a professional but also a notorious repeat offender.
Pattaya One:

The men were shown pictures of pickpockets previously arrested by Pattaya police and both identified one of the former detainees as the person responsible for the theft of the items.

Police will now attempt to locate and arrest the woman, who remains at large for now.

UPDATE – The video by Pattaya Daily News embedded below features a still image of the middle-aged Thai lady in question starting from 0:58 seconds:

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