Swede Detained After Thai GF Falls to Death From Pattaya Condo

Deaf-Mute Thai Girl Plunges to Death From Pattaya Condo

A 24-year-old deaf-mute Thai girl fell to her death from an 8th-floor condominium in the Pratamnak area of South Pattaya on Wednesday. At the time of the young woman’s tragic fall in broad daylight she was reportedly arguing with her Farang boyfriend who alleged she had “slipped on some water” and fallen to her death by accident.
Miraculously she survived the fall but succumbed to her injuries in hospital hours later.

As investigations into whether the young woman’s death was an accident, suicide or murder continue, police have detained the victim’s Swedish boyfriend who they suspect may have pushed his girlfriend over the railing, either by chance or deliberately.
According to latest reports, he has been charged with “fatal recklessness” as there is “no solid evidence he pushed her.”

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Half-Naked Farang Caught Running Across Roofs in Pattaya

Half-Naked Farang Caught Running Across Roofs in Pattaya

Brits abroad do have a certain reputation which may or may not be justified. Now an apparently intoxicated and half naked foreigner, believed to be a British national, was caught and tied up by locals in Central Pattaya after he went on a drunk rampage and ran across the roofs of their homes Tuesday night wearing only his boxer shorts and shouting incoherently.

According to a video report by Thai Channel 8 and translated by Thaivisa.com, the unidentified Farang had been “shouting incoherently as he ran from roof to roof” just after midnight. (Please scroll down for the clip.)
Locals eventually detained the man and tied him up by his hands and feet until police arrived on the scene and poured water over his head in a futile attempt to calm the madman down. The suspected Brit would neither identify himself nor explain his bizarre mission to officers.
Police suggested that the man was drunk and may have been partying hard on Walking Street before “getting lost trying to find his way home.”

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New Ferry Service to Connect Sattahip and Koh Chang

New Ferry Service to Connect Sattahip and Koh Chang

Hot on the heels of the relative success of the freshly launched ferry service between Pattaya and Hua Hin, the same ferry operator has now announced it would soon launch two new routes across the Gulf of Thailand.
One of the new routes that will be of interest particularly to tourists at the Eastern seaboard will connect Sattahip just south of Pattaya and Koh Chang island near the Cambodian border.

The Sattahip-Koh Chang service will reportedly be launched in May 2017 and will operate from the Chuk Samet pier in Sattahip. Passengers will be dropped off at the Bang Bao pier on Koh Chang.
Fares for the new route, departure times and duration of the journey have not been revealed yet. Royal Passenger Liner Co., Ltd.Royal Passenger Liner Co., Ltd., the Pattaya-based operator that launched the new ferry service between Pattaya and Hua Hin, have however announced they would purchase two brand-new ferries with a capacity of 350 passengers each to operate the Sattahip-Koh Chang service.

Another new ferry service to be launched by the same company next month will connect Sattahip (Chuk Samet pier) and Hua Hin (Khao Takiab pier). Also in the pipeline is a new service that will link Sattahip with either Pranburi or Phetchaburi on the other side of the Gulf of Thailand.

In related news, the ferry operator announced it had carried a total of 10,689 passengers on the Pattaya-Hua Hin route in February and March 2017, its first two months of officially operating the service. Approximately two thirds of the passengers were foreigners, mostly from European countries and China.

Source: Voice TV via Thaivisa.com

Songkran Road Toll 2017 – 390 Killed in “Seven Dangerous Days”

Songkran isn’t even over in some parts of the country but the official counting period for road deaths, accidents and injuries over the “seven dangerous days” of the week-long Songkran holiday period has already come to an end. So with yet another ambitious road safety campaign in place and following a record 442 people killed… Continue Reading

British Tourist Plunges to Death From Walking Street Guesthouse

A 31-year-old British tourist plunged to his death from a guesthouse on Walking Street in the early hours of Friday. The victim has been identified as Mr. Christopher Andrew Laidler, from England. While the reason for the tourist’s fatal fall remain unknown, police suspect that the man may have been drunk after partying heavily on… Continue Reading

Ladyboys Arrested for Robbing Australian Tourist on Pattaya Beach

Tourist police in Pattaya arrested two ladyboys for stealing the wallet of an Australian tourist as he walked along Pattaya Beach Road in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Mr Bruce Lauchie McCown, 34, was reportedly chatted up by the ladyboys and, let’s assume, invited to a session of short-time fun with the two of… Continue Reading

Thailand No. 1 in Motorbike Accident Deaths Worldwide

Experts at a conference promoting a motorcycle safety campaign have said that Thailand is no. 1 in the world in motorcycle accident deaths, with 5,500 bike riders dying annually on Thailand’s roads. As a result, they have now called on Thai motorcycle manufacturers to use available technology to limit speeds to 90 kilometers per hour. Continue Reading

Swiss Expat Drowns in Communal Swimming Pool in Pattaya

In some kind of bizarre freak accident, a Swiss national reportedly drowned whilst cleaning a communal swimming pool in a small housing estate in Pattaya. The 58-year-old expat, identified as Mr Peter Heinz Ballmann, was pronounced dead at the scene at around 3 p.m. on Sunday and left the victim’s Thai wife “devastated.” Continue Reading

King Rama X Promulgates Thailand’s 20th Constitution

In an ancient royal ceremony broadcast live on national television and not seen in almost 50 years, His Majesty King Rama X on Thursday signed Thailand’s 20th constitution approved in a controversial referendum last August. The endorsement is usually held at the palace and a public ceremony is not obligatory. The promulgation of the new… Continue Reading

More Visa Hassles for Long-Stay Tourists Under 50

Staying in Thailand longer than just a couple of months or maybe half a year has never been easy for “professional” tourists under 50 who neither legally work in Thailand or are married to Thai girl. The problem is there isn’t really an affordable long-term visa option available for foreigners under 50. Since the beginning… Continue Reading

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