Aussie Tourist Assaulted Outside GoGo Bar on Soi Buakhao

Soi BuakhaoA drunk Australian tourist identified only as “Johnny” was assaulted and sustained a minor head injury outside the Oasis A-GoGo bar on Soi Buakhao after he allegedly refused to pay a drinks bill of 160 Baht.
While bar staff claim the attacker was another “foreign man” drinking in a nearby beer bar police suspect it was actually a security guard employed by the GoGo bar itself.
Pattaya One quote bar staff as saying that Aussie “Johnny”

walked into the bar and was already heavily intoxicated and after consuming two drinks, with a value of 160 Baht, he allegedly attempted to leave without paying the bill.

Staff attempted to detain the man inside the bar until the situation could be resolved, but he made his escape and was then allegedly assaulted at the front of the bar. Staff claim the man was assaulted by another foreign man in a nearby bar because of the noise he was making.

But, surprise surprise:

A video taken of the incident suggested otherwise and it appears he was assaulted by a Thai man, who is claimed to be a security guard at the bar.

Just two comments:

  1. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if this claim turned out to be true.
  2. Aussie Johnny may have deserved it.

UPDATE – No element of surprise in this story indeed. As was to be expected, local media report that police on Friday morning temporarily detained a 30-year-old waiter/security guard at Oasis A-GoGo who is suspected of having attacked “Johnny” the previous night. According to Pattaya One, the waiter

confessed to attacking the foreign man, after he was attacked by another foreign man from a bar next door. It is thought the initial attack by the foreigner was over excessive noise and then out of anger due to the 160 Baht unpaid bill, [the waiter] then attacked him.

Although the waiter confessed to hitting “Johnny”, police reportedly “decided to use their discretion and did not arrest the bar worker.” The bar also continues to operate as usual.

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