Another Chinese Tourist Drowns off Koh Larn

Sexy Chinese girls on Koh Larn islandA 73-year-old Chinese tourist drowned off Tawaen beach on Koh Larn island Tuesday afternoon. This was at least the second time in the past few months that a Chinese tourist drowned on the popular tourist island, four kilometres off the coast of Pattaya. Only less than three weeks ago another elderly tourist, also from mainland China, had “suddenly collapsed” and drowned on the same beach.

Pattaya One reports that in the most recent case, Mr. Zhenlong Ling

had gone to the island with a tour group which included his wife and son, who witnessed Mr. Ling go under the water. He was removed from the water and CPR was administered but Mr. Ling could not be revived.

PDN quotes a witness as saying that the elderly man simply “passed out” as he was swimming in the sea, “causing him to drown”. Although the exact cause of death has not been revealed yet, no signs of foul play were found on the body.

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