American Beaten Up for Playing Hero in Domestic Dispute

American beaten up for playing hero in domestic dispute

Thais usually don’t interfere in domestic disputes between husband and wife, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. They may take a video and post it on Facebook, but that’s it.
No matter whether or not you agree with this lack of moral courage, here’s a good reason why foreigners might also not want to get involved when the shit hits the fan between Thai male and Thai female.
A 67-year-old American expat identified only as “Bob” got beaten up badly by a Thai man after he interfered in a domestic dispute the man had with his “ex-wife” who happened to work as a “waitress” at the bar where he was drinking.
Bob suffered injuries to his head and required medical treatment.

The incident happened late Monday night at the Sawasdee Bar on Pratamnak Soi 5 in South Pattaya where Bob was reportedly a regular.
According to the Thai bar owner, Bob had “tried to intervene in a heated argument between a bar waitress and her ex-husband.” Let’s assume he wanted his ex-wife/girlfriend back, had found out she was working in a bar in Pattaya and apparently didn’t agree with her career choice.
Pattaya One reports:

The foreigner known only as Bob, tried to prevent the husband attacking the girl provoking the ex-husband to turn on him instead, punching him to the ground and then kicking him before other bar staff and customers intervened.  At that point the ex ran away.

Police have now issued an arrest warrant for the unidentified Thai man.

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