Advertise on welcomes approx. 2,000 to 2,500 visitors from all over the world every day, generating over 100,000 page views per month. More than 80% of our visitors are unique visitors. Visitors from the United States and the UK, Australia, India and Germany, as well as the English-speaking expat community in Thailand, account for approx. 60% of page views. Visitors from the US and the UK are usually our biggest traffic sources.

Banner advertising rates, depending on banner size and placement on our website, start at less than 2,000 Baht per month for a small logo, with discounts available for long-term partners. Advertising through promotional pages/posts, or banner ads inserted directly in the contents of pages and/or posts, can also be arranged.
Most importantly, your banners will not rotate but will be displayed on 100% of page views.

For sample banner placements, please have a look around this page to find a banner size in a positioning that suits you best or, even better, contact us directly for further details. (Note: You may have to view this page on a desktop computer to see all available ad positions.)
You’ll find that advertising on our website isn’t just reasonably priced but will also ensure that your brand enjoys exposure to a broad and ever-expanding global online audience!

  • The minimum advertising period is 3 months.
  • We accept payment by bank transfer and PayPal.

Disclaimer: We will only publish ads we deem appropriate and which do not promote activities considered illegal in Thailand, i.e. no pornography, gambling sites etc., and no flash banners either.
For enquiries, advertising rates and further details, please use the form below to contact us. Thank you.

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