200kg British Tourist Found Dead in Soi Buakhao Guesthouse


A heavily overweight British tourist was found dead in the bathroom of his rented room at a guesthouse on Soi Buakhao Friday evening. Police assume that the man who weighed in at around 200kg suffered a heart attack and fell over, possibly following some “activity with a woman” from a nearby bar.

The naked body of 54-year-old Micheal Sodent was discovered by a maid at around 10 p.m. lying face-down on the bathroom floor. According to the police, there were no visible injuries to the foreigner’s body and no signs of a struggle in the room. Medics estimated that he had died approx. three hours before the body was found.
A maid at the guesthouse who had found the tourist’s body told police that the deceased was a regular in a bar on the ground floor of the guesthouse and would “often [invite] women to his room.”
According to Pattaya One, investigators have interpreted the fact that the body was naked as some kind kind of “evidence” that the overweight man

must have ‘finished his activity with a woman’, then gone into the bathroom where he had a heart attack.

While this may or may not be true (we’re sure there are other good reasons why you would be naked in your bathroom) an autopsy is now expected to reveal the real cause of death.

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