17 Japanese Tourists Injured As Tour Bus Skids off Highway

pattaya-highway-3617 Japanese tourists were injured Sunday afternoon when a tour bus carrying them from Koh Samet to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden near Pattaya skidded off the road into a ditch and flipped onto its side. Most of the passengers had to escape through the windows of the bus.
The accident occurred on the on the Pattaya-bound carriageway of Highway 36 in East Pattaya and was blamed by the driver on heavy rainfall and poor road conditions.
Police however suspect that the 43-year-old driver was speeding and arrested him pending further investigations.

Pattaya One reports that the “slightly injured” driver

claimed that he attempted to apply his brakes in a normal manner but due to the poor road conditions caused by a heavy period of rainfall, he slid off the road into a ditch which caused the bus to flip onto its side.

Three of the injured tourists sustained broken bones and one sustained suspected spinal injuries.

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