11 People Burned Alive in Horror Minivan Crash near Pattaya

11 killed in horror minivan crash near Pattaya

It’s a well-known fact that minivans aren’t particularly the safest means of transport there is in Thailand. They’re popular because they’re cheap and fast (often too fast to be safe.) But on the downside, minivan drivers haven’t got exactly the best reputation.
At least once a week, a minivan crash makes national headlines because either the van was in a poor condition, had faulty brakes etc. or the driver was speeding and lost control of the vehicle – or he simply fell asleep behind the wheel.
Now 11 people burned alive trapped in a Bangkok-bound passenger minivan that overturned and caught fire on the Bangkok-bound motorway in Chonburi province, less than an hour driving distance from Pattaya. Another four people, all Thai nationals, managed to escape the burning vehicle.
The horror accident happened just after 9 p.m. Friday night after one of the tyres reportedly burst and the driver lost control of the van.

The NGV-powered minivan had been carrying a group of 14 teachers who were traveling back to Bangkok from a seminar in Rayong province south of Pattaya. The van reportedly crashed into a concrete barrier, presumably because it had suffered a flat tyre, overturned and burst into flames.
While four passengers could escape before the van was set ablaze, the remaining 11 were trapped inside and either killed on the spot or burned alive. It remains unclear whether the driver was among the four seriously injured survivors or was also killed in the horror crash.

11 people killed in horror minivan crash in Chonburi

Sources: Khaosod, The Nation

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